Will King History

Will King
1964: first guitar – Sears Silvertone electric guitar with amp-in-case!Will King_link1
1965: first rock band – Mac and the Knives
1966-70: several local Minnetonka rock bands
1968-70: MacPhail Center for Music and Mankato State School of Music
1971: California Institute of the Arts ( CalArts )
1972: Amsterdam, Holland
1972-73; 75: Spain
1974-80: San Francisco
1977: Montevideo, Uruguay with Abel Carlevaro
1980: several concerts with beat poet Allen Ginsberg (Minneapolis)
1980; 82: World Guitar Competitions on Martinique, Caribbean
1985: Musical director and guitarist for the Penelope’s Web stage production of
Trojan Women at The Loring Park Playhouse
1998: Begins teaching guitar, music theory and composition in Minnetonka
2008: Records “Spanish Café” CD for Target Corp´s LifeScapes label
2010: Records “Christmas Spanish Guitar” double CD for LifeScapes label