teachingI offer private lessons in several styles of guitar; electric, pop / folk / rock, classical and flamenco. I incorporate music theory in my guitar lessons and also offer separate lessons in music theory, ear training, reading and writing, music composition and song writing for singers and all instrumentalists, as well as guitarists.

I offer beginning guitar and music theory packages of 4 private 1/2 hour lessons for $100.00.

Private 1/2 hours lessons are $30.00 per lesson and are most effective for beginners when taken weekly.

Intermediate students may be better served when taking 1/2 ( $30.00 ) – 1 hour ( $60.00 ) lessons every other week (giving more time to study and practice between lessons).

Advanced students and professionals may benefit more from 1 monthly lesson of 1-2 hours ( $60.00 – $120.00 ).
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I have studied music theory, counterpoint and composition from Maricarol Hanson at MacPhail and Rolf Schreurer at Mankato State University in the 1960s.
I studied classical guitar with Stuart Fox (student of Andres Segovia) and composition with Morton Subotnick at CalArts, CA. (1971)
Flamenco guitar with Sabana deVedra in Amsterdam and Ramón Algeciras in Spain. (1972-73)
Classical guitar with George Sakellariou (student of Andres Segovia) in San Francisco (1975-76) and Abel Carlevaro in Montevideo, Uruguay (1977).